"Ada jalan yang kusebut namanya kenangan, sebab muaranya buntu, di mana cinta dan luka kerap bertemu dalam keadaan rancu" — David Tandri

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Howdy, everyone? It’s a big pleasure for me to be in one community with you, whoever and wherever you are. This is my first blog, still in humble appearance. However, don’t judge a book (blog) by its cover, right? So, I will always welcome for your comments.

Oh yes, you can call me David. If you wanna know more about me, I can simply describe myself as a product of ART. Yeah, I’m an ART lover. So, my life consists of three primary parts: (1) the past: collection of events that shape my present; (2) the present: series of decisions that determine my future; and (3) the future: where expectations, dreams and plans meet its fate. Some people would think of me as a perfectionist. Actually, I'm just a simple person who aims to do things close to his best. If my best is rated only 80%, that would be the finest perfection in my definition.

There are many unique things to share with you. It is said, “Publish or perish”! That’s my reason behind this blog's creation. I think this blog would be the symbol of my existence, as a human being.

I was graduated in Management. After finished my college life in 2010, I assume the next role of my life as a salary-man. Apart from working, I also play the most role in writing any kind of literature, namely articles, poems, fiction and essays. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to serve as an integrated place to publish all my writings. You can freely access them and any comments will be interesting. I can assure you that all my writings are original and before I drop it on my blog, most of them had been published on various mass medias, such as newspapers, magazines or bulletins. You can know me better through my writings. And I believe, you will get the answer of how perfectionist I really am.

I learned much about time management. Success may come to you in many ways, but only if you can organize your time. I always try my best to less depend on either the circumstances or other people in my efforts. Since I am a man, I always try to spot the chance by myself! Of course, I would also like to be involved with all of you.

“Many eyes reduce the complexity.” (Stan Davis & David McIntosh — "The Art of Business")

So, why not, huh? Let's get connected!